Here you can find information about the 49€-/Deutschlandticket and the effect on the semester ticket. Please note that the information given here depends on the time of publication and is subject to change. We will try to keep you up to date.

State: 11 May 2023

What is the 49€/Deutschlandticket?

The €49 or Deutschlandticket (Germany ticket) is designed as a successor to the 9€ ticket of 2022. It will allow the use of local and regional public transport (ÖPNV) throughout Germany from 1 May 2023. The ticket will be available in advance from 3 April as a monthly cancellable subscription for €49 per month.

Does this change anything about the semester ticket?

No. For now the €49 ticket does not change the semester ticket of the AStA of the University of Mainz. The contracts that the AStA has with the transport companies will remain the same. Unlike the €9 ticket, the semester ticket does not automatically become a ticket for public transport throughout Germany and is still only valid in the previous area of validity (more information on this at https://en.asta.uni-mainz.de/sb/asta/transport/semesterticket/).

What is planned for students?

At the conference of transport ministers, the federal and state governments jointly decided that the €49 ticket for students should come as a so-called upgrade model. Students who already have a semester ticket can apply to the public transport companies to upgrade their semester ticket to the Deutschlandticket. They will then only have to pay the difference between the monthly amount for the semester ticket and the Deutschlandticket. In winter, there will then be an additional 10% discount for students.


semester ticket mthly. sum upgrade to D-Ticket
SoSe 23 €37,69 +€11,31
WiSe 23/24 €39,28 +€4,82 (with 10% discount)

When is the upgrade model coming?

Before the upgrade model can be introduced, a few hurdles have to be overcome. There is no obligation from the federal government for the transport companies to introduce the upgrade model. The state of Rhineland-Palatinate is still deciding on an obligation. Due to contractual and organisational reasons, a start on 1 May is unfortunately not possible. The transport companies also have to set up the infrastructure necessary for the application. Apart from that, there are still legal concerns. We are in close contact with the Mainz mobility authority and are working on introducing a solution before the start of the winter semester. Students who want to use the Deutschlandticket by then will have to purchase it privately.

Update: In its session of 31 March 2023, the Bundesrat approved the bill.

Is there a refund for the semester ticket if you buy a 49€ ticket?

No. We cannot provide refunds for privately purchased 49€ tickets. The semester ticket, which is included in the semester fee, must still be paid by all students who are required to pay the fee. We as the AStA are aware of the disadvantages and additional financial burden this creates, but we have little room for manoeuvre and must follow the regulations of the federal government and the state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

You can find out whether you are still entitled to a refund of the semester ticket or to a subsidy at https://en.asta.uni-mainz.de/sb/asta/transport/ and in the hardship regulations, https://en.asta.uni-mainz.de/sb/asta/transport/semester-ticket-hardship-regulations/.